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Maya's Magnificently Miniscule Musebox

(it's really small)

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Name:Maya's Magnificently Miniscule Musebox
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A musebox for Maya and anyone who feels like RPing with her out of pity.
Welcome to the musebox of one (1) [personal profile] mayamali. Here's the muselist!

Basically, post with whoever you want from whatever canon point you want! All visitors are there of their own free will, and you even get to keep all of your powers if you want.

The default setting is a sky-borne airship -- although other settings can be specified if needed. The ship is constantly in motion, so the scenery below is always changing! The ship itself is freaking huge, so there's plenty of room for a good amount of people (and taller). The interior houses multiple (private) bedrooms, a gaming lobby, medical bay, navigation bridge. You can go up to deck area outside where you can sit up in the clouds. This IS a muse box, so feel free to add anything you want.

Other than that, all you have to do is tag your posts with your character's name!
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